couch1 «kowch», noun, verb.
1. a long seat, usually upholstered and having a back and arms; sofa: »

Over against one wall was a black leather couch—not a davenport, not a settee, but simply a battered old leather couch (Robert Traver).

SYNONYM(S): divan, lounge.
2. a bed or other structure made to sleep or rest on: »

Oft when on my couch I lie in vacant or in pensive mood (Wordsworth).

3. any place for sleep or rest: »

The deer sprang up from its grassy couch.

4. a) the burrow of an otter. b) Obsolete. the den or lair of a wild animal.
5. the frame on which barley is spread to be malted.
6. a coat of paint, varnish, or other material.
1. to lay on a couch.
2. a) to put in words; express: »

His thoughts were couched in beautiful language.

b) to express obscurely.
3. to lower into a level position ready to attack: »

The knights couched their lances and prepared to charge.

SYNONYM(S): lower.
4. to lower (the head or other part of the body); bring down.
5. (in embroidery) to overlay with heavy thread in a pattern, fastened down at equal intervals by fine stitches.
6. Archaic. to lay down; cause to lie down; put to bed: »

The Hind…then couched herself securely by her side (John Dryden).

7. Obsolete. to put (things) horizontally or in layers.
8. Obsolete. to lodge; hide; conceal.
9. Medicine, Obsolete. a) to remove (a cataract) by displacing the opaque crystalline lens below the axis of vision. b) to treat (a person) for cataract in this way.
1. to lie down on a couch. SYNONYM(S): recline.
2. to lie hidden ready to attack; lurk: »

Bertram…couches in the brake and fern, hiding his face (Scott).

SYNONYM(S): crouch.
3. to stoop down; cringe. SYNONYM(S): cower.
4. to lie in a bed or heap for decomposition or fermentation: »

oak leaves crouching as compost.

5. Archaic. to lie at rest; recline; repose: »

The peasantry…couch upon beds of straw (Harriet Martineau).

6. Obsolete. to lie down or together.
[< Old French couche < coucher lay in place < Latin collocāre < com- together + locāre to place < locus a place]
couch´er, noun.
couch´like´, adjective.
couch2 «kowch», noun.
= couch grass. (Cf.couch grass)

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